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From the scenic hillside village of Metualla in the north to the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea resorts of Eilat, we have you covered. Journey from old to new with a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem followed by a taste of the vibrant night life of Tel-Aviv-Yafo. There is something for everyone in Israel. We offer unparalleled experiences touring Israel, having spent many a night in youth hostels, Oceanside resorts, and Kibbutz style hospitality. We have qualified tour guides that we personally know, ready to take you on this adventure through time. With our expertise you will be enjoying world-class experiences. We offer individual tours, group and family tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences, pilgrimages, university and gap-year programs, summer camp programs and chaperoned teenage experiences.

“Ten measures of beauty were bestowed upon the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem.”
– Talmudic Sages

When you first stroll up the Turkish ramparts of the Jaffa Gate of the Old City your awe-inspiring trip through time begins. Your journey starts at the “Shuk” or market, where every kind of item can be found and haggled over. The ancient stone streets lead you further back into history as you pass remains of Roman markets, Maccabean excavations, museums, ancient synagogues and churches, all with a story to tell. Visit the Western Wall (Kotel) and place a prayer within the cracks, before you descend into the tunnels that will bring you back to the time of Herod. Don’t worry – there are plenty of vendors selling cold freshly squeezed Jaffa oranges and smoothies for a refreshing break while you munch on freshly baked date rolls, baklava and other fragrant delights. Not to be outdone, the new part of Jerusalem offers the wonders of the Israel museum, the Rose Garden, and a tour of the Knesset, the seat of the Israeli government. Take your kids to the Biblical Zoo and discover the native wildlife of the Land of Israel. Beautiful scenery, richly woven history and culinary adventures await you in Israel’s capital. World-class hotels offer fine dining and comfortable, luxurious accommodations. At night or by day, stroll down to famous Ben-Yehuda Street for an ice-cold Goldstar beer and an assortment of dining and nightlife venues. Cruise & Travel Depot is your premium guide to the wonders of Jerusalem.

A Jewel on the Mediterranean, sandy beaches lined with cafés, Tel-Aviv is the financial center of Israel. Come bask in a thriving nightlife scene and visit the heart of “Start-up Nation”. Tel-Aviv has so much to offer. Bauhaus architecture brought by immigrants from Central Europe is a must-see for the architectural connoisseur. From swanky hotels to simple youth hostels, we have you covered in Tel-Aviv.   A short walk away is the 3,000-year-old port city of Yafo. Here you will find beautiful artists’ colonies as you stroll through the old city. Famous restaurants serving Israeli delights like shakshuka and hummus bowls await the discerning foodie as they walk through history down shaded alleyways and paths of arching trees.

Stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from the Carmel mountain await you in beautiful Haifa. The ocean air is always on the wind as you sip fine coffee overlooking magnificent gardens. As is the case throughout so much of Israel, Haifa is a convergence of old and new. Technion University, Israel’s premier school of high technology, is located here. This proud institute has been home to some of the start-up nation’s best scientific minds, and has produced the basis for countless items commonly used around the world in our daily lives. It is in Haifa that you can walk in the footsteps of the prophet Elijah. Stroll along Panorama street en-route to the world-famous terraced Bahá’í gardens. Spend a day on Haifa’s sparkling sandy beaches, where you can take a refreshing break for smoothies, gelato or a frosty cold Goldstar beer. We know Haifa well, and look forward to helping our clients explore this precious gem of the north.

Tiberias (Teveria), founded in 17 C.E. by Herod Antipater on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret), is synonymous with vacation. The old city, built by European Crusaders and Ottoman governors, is awash with wonders. The Lakefront promenade boasts a famous fish market and ancient buildings alongside modern water parks full of children enjoying the sun and fun. Take a boat or jetski ride on the blue waters of the lake, while you marvel at stunning views – green landscapes of the Galil, and imposing cliffs of the Golan Heights. Kick back at night on the promenade with a mixologist-prepared creation as you enjoy the vibrant city that has captivated the hearts of many who have visited here throughout the centuries.

On the edge of the Judean desert, in the lowest-lying land on earth, some 1,300 feet below sea level, sits this famous inland sea. The Dead Sea is so called because it has such a high salt concentration as to preclude any marine life. You can literally float on its surface while enjoying a good book. The mineral-rich black mud deposits along its shores are renowned for their therapeutic and restorative properties, and a variety of sea-salt health and beauty products are available for purchase at the local factory shops and spas.

This is Israel’s premier destination for beach-goers. People come from all over Europe to bask on the sand and swim in the Red Sea. Activities are aplenty here – surfing, sailing, jet-skiing, para-sailing, swimming with dolphins, and diving through the coral reefs. Dotted with world-class resorts, Eilat is renowned for its wide range of restaurants and exciting night life. By day or by night, a stroll along the promenade will enchant and delight you.