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Proudly operating since 1965, Princess Cruises are at the forefront of diverse itineraries, covering a far broader destination spectrum than most cruise lines.  In addition to the usual ports of call, they go to Japan, Polynesia and Africa, some of which are contained within their extended around-the-world cruises.  Few other carriers can offer you a trip to Pitcairn Island, scene of the historic true story of the mutiny on the Bounty.  This carrier is reasonably priced and provides good value in terms of what you get for your money.  While Princess does cater to all age groups, the passenger demographics tend to be a more middle-aged and mature crowd.  This makes it the ideal carrier for vacationers who seek relaxation away from throngs of rowdy children!  A big fringe benefit exists for those parties who do have children; with fewer on board, there is less competition for the resources, which optimizes the experience for your kids due to a generally higher child-to-supervisor ratio and a more tailored program in which they are better able to cater to the individual interests of young cruisers.  For this reason, we recommend Princess as the perfect opportunity for multi-generational groups of grandparents, their children and grandchildren to share a memorable family trip together.

“Limitless and immortal, the waters are the beginning and end of all things on earth.”
— Heinrich Zimmer


Accommodations are comfortable, adequately sized and very well laid out.  There is no shortage of storage space and shelving, drawers, desk and chairs.  Princess takes special care to maintain a consistent level of comfort, practicality and utmost cleanliness across their large fleet of ships.  Generously sized balconies provide an ideal respite for those who feel like taking a relaxing and private outdoor dinner via the room service menu.  Speaking of relaxation, the company has worked with sleep and design experts to create their own custom line of Princess Luxury Beds for the entire fleet.

Enjoy the main dining room your way, with a choice of Traditional or Anytime Dining.  With Traditional Dining, your dinner table is pre-booked for the same participants at either the 6:30 or 8:30 PM service.  Anytime Dining, available on most ships, provides you the flexibility to walk in anytime between 5:30 and 10:00 PM, to either join a group or opt for a private table.  Princess offers a wide global selection of reasonably-priced wines, and of course they are equipped to mix any cocktail you can think of.  The food is of a high quality in every respect, both in the main dining room and in the Horizon Court buffets.  Each vessel features specialty dining restaurants, along with a variety of bars and casual eateries at the pool and outdoor relaxation areas, plus quiet inside lounges.  You can find a preferred place somewhere on board to please all.  A notable fleet-wide feature is the Chocolate Journeys program, touting exclusive chocolate creations by renowned French-trained Chef Norman Love.  His innovative delicacies can be found on select main dining room menus, the breakfast buffet, specialty dining restaurants and, for an additional charge, at the 24-hour International Café.  Nothing says decadence like divine chocolatey treats on the open sea!

A clear benefit of Princess is the simultaneous use of two theaters with different, rotating programs that enable passengers to have multiple choices in times and venues without having to juggle their time on board.  This applies to both day and nighttime offerings for shows, lectures, destination talks, trivia, games and movies.  Evening productions include Broadway hits and familiar classics, with energetic choreography amidst colorful sets.  Daytime activities include bridge lessons and play, demonstrative cooking classes, cocktail making and so much more that it is impossible to partake of everything on offer.  Most vessels now boast a giant outdoor Movies Under the Stars screen showing daytime and after-dark features.  Not to be missed are the magic/illusionist shows and, for football fans, the onboard NFL tailgate parties.  Unlike some other carriers, Princess has retained Formal Nights, giving passengers an opportunity to dress up in their finest and enjoy elevated fare and flair in the main dining room.  While it’s impossible to fit in everything, there are so many options to pick and choose from, you’re guaranteed not to run out of things to do!

The on-board salon offers a full range of beauty treatments, from head to toe.  Services include hair styling, manicures/pedicures, and even teeth whitening.  For a more in-depth experience, visit Lotus Spa and choose from aroma wraps, stone therapy massages, facials, restorative treatments and much more.  On every ship you will also find a gym complete with equipment for working every part of the body, along with many complimentary classes including yoga, zumba, pilates, abs, stretching and body-sculpting boot camp.  The vast majority of vessels feature a full-circuit walking or jogging track around the Promenade Deck.  Any cruisers determined to ward off extra pounds will find a wide array of delicious yet healthy specialties offered throughout the dining locations onboard.

All but two of the ships have permanent facilities operating for passengers aged 3-17 years.  Children under 3 are welcome to participate if supervised by a parent or family member.  Princess has teamed up with the California Science Center to provide custom “Edutainment” science programs incorporating chemistry (experiments), physics (rollercoaster building) and biology activities (such as whale watching or learning about the regional animals and eco-system).  The 3-to-12-year olds will regale in an endless offering of age-appropriate dance parties, theme nights, pajama parties, karaoke, sports tournaments, scavenger hunts, chef classes and art projects.  Teenagers have their own dedicated lounge area, fitted with all kinds of multi-media entertainment, including the latest Playstation and Wii gaming systems.  Supervised teen activities comprise of makeovers, sports events, dance parties, hip hop classes, formal dinners, DJ workshops and mocktail mixology, among many other offerings.  Parents: don’t forget to take advantage of the supervised kids’ dinner events, during which you can go off on your own to enjoy a grown-up dinner minus the little ones!

Princess is renowned for its broad range of destinations around the globe.  In addition to their shorter itineraries, they operate extended Around The World cruises (100+ days) that depart from and return to the same location.  If you don’t have enough time to take the entire trip, there is always an option to join for one or more segments of a longer-scheduled itinerary.  Princess goes around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, visiting countries like Australia, Papua New Guinea, China and South Africa, as well as northern hemisphere locales such as Scandinavia or Alaska.  For a nice trek closer to the equator, try one of their Amazon adventures.  The cruise line incorporates local culture with the onboard experience, providing relevant entertainment and cuisine along the journey.