1. Responsibility: Cruise & Travel Depot LLC acts as an agent only for the suppliers of travel and other related travel services.  As such, the sole financial responsibility of Cruise & Travel Depot LLC is limited to the amount of commissions it receives from said suppliers.  By accepting these tickets and/or other travel arrangements, each customer agrees that Cruise & Travel Depot LLC shall not become liable for any personal injury, property damage, delay, loss, inconvenience, changes or personal dissatisfaction with the travel arrangements provided.  If any legal dispute(s) should arise, Cruise & Travel Depot LLC shall not be held liable for either party’s legal fees and/or associated costs.
  2. All travel arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions of suppliers of travel and other related services, with whom each customer enters into a contract and is bound by such terms and conditions of which the customer should be aware when making a reservation, particularly in relation to cancellation. You are advised to ensure that you have adequate cancellation protection and other insurance coverage.
  3. Most travel arrangements require particular documentation and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have all appropriate documents with you. You must carry, as applicable, picture ID (and on certain occasions, birth certificate) and for international travel, a passport and visas as necessary.  You must also have the necessary vouchers, coupons, tickets, licenses, etc., as required for your specific travel arrangements.
  4. Airline tickets all have a fare basis which is subject to fare rules, and that may involve travel restrictions relating to cancellation, refund, transfers and endorsements, among other requirements. When booking or changing reservations, you must advise the airline or travel agent of your precise requirements to ensure that you are in compliance with the restrictions.  Failure to do so may result in a fare increase.
  5. Airline tickets and/or unused portions thereof are usually worth money and are therefore valuable documents. You should protect your tickets, always keeping them in a safe place.  Lost, stolen or destroyed flight coupons cannot be replaced or refunded without considerable inconvenience and cost to you – if at all!  You must turn in all unused flight coupons when changing a reservation (for which airline change fees and fare differences may apply) or applying for a refund (if applicable).  If you change your itinerary en route, insist that the airline applies the remaining value of the original ticket towards the cost of your revised booking, when this is less expensive than purchasing a new ticket.
  6. Reconfirm all flights. The information provided to you was taken from an airline computer on the date shown.  However, airline schedules are subject to change without notice: on occasion, airlines may cancel certain flights, renumber flights, change flight times or change the type of airplane used.  Travelers must therefore reconfirm domestic reservations 24 hours before departure and international reservations 72 hours before departure.
  7. Passengers must check-in in accordance with individual airline requirements, which are generally one to one and a half hours prior to scheduled departure on domestic flights, and two to two and a half hours on international flights. More time should be allowed during peak travel periods.  Failure to check in on time may result in your being “bumped” from the flight, regardless of whether or not you have a confirmed reservation or even a boarding pass, if the flight has in the meantime been filled.  You must check in on time even if the departure time has been delayed.  Failure to take the first segment of the reservation will render the entire itinerary to be cancelled by the airline.
  8. Airlines may overbook their flights, in anticipation of the likely number of “no-shows”. Even though you may have a confirmed reservation on a flight, with the status box showing “OK” for the flight-in question, there is a slight chance that the airline may not have a seat or even a reservation for you.  In this event, do not leave the counter until the airline has accommodated you on the flight, or, if that is not possible, either found you a substitute flight or paid you Denied Boarding Compensation, rules for which should be available at all airline counters.
  9. Hotel reservations are generally guaranteed against a credit card, which obligates the hotel to hold your room regardless of your arrival time. Conversely, the hotel is entitled to charge you if your room is held but not used, if you have not cancelled either through the agency or directly with the hotel in accordance with the hotel’s cancellation policy (generally but not always by 4pm to 6pm on the day of the arrival).
  10. Agency service fees are totally non-refundable.