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tahiti-general-1Tahiti, a group of more than 100 breathtaking island gems in the heart of the South Pacific, has captivated travelers for centuries.  From the top of their dramatic forest-clad mountains to the tranquil white-sand beaches below, these idyllic treasures of the South Seas showcase the unrivaled natural beauty of true Polynesia.  Numerous colorful reefs teeming with life embrace peaceful aquamarine lagoons, all set to the backdrop of a rich and vibrant culture unique to this part of the world.

Nothing compares to a South Pacific sunset and night sky.

tahiti-general-8Relax in paradise.  Whether you’re looking to take it easy on the beach or unwind at a world-class spa, Tahiti has much to offer.  Rejuvenation treatments include fresh flower baths, banana leaf body wraps, and aromatherapy facials utilizing local ingredients such as vanilla, native fruits and flowers.  If you’re feeling up to a little shopping, Tahiti is famous for its exquisite cultured pearls, especially the black ones. You can also rent a car or motorcycles to independently explore what’s hidden around each new corner.

tahiti-general-3For those in search of a more active experience, there are water activities galore – diving, snorkeling, and shark feeding to name a few.  There are also plenty of land-based adventures to be had, since each island has its own special places to discover.  Island tours are readily available through a number of different means, such as bus tours, guided hikes, 4×4 safaris and ATV excursions.  You can also rent a car or motorcycles to independently explore what’s hidden around each new corner.

Among the many accommodation options among the lush islands of Tahiti, overwater bungalows are renowned for interweaving a unique experience into your vacation.  Fully equipped with modern hotel amenities, you can feel closer to nature in your standalone home-away-from-home in the lagoon.  Many of these bungalows feature glass coffee tables or sections of floor through which you can watch tropical fish.  Even though you’re away from it all – being at one with nature – you can still order room service right to your private balcony; it will be delivered by canoe of course!


“The life of the land is the life of the people.”
– Tahitian proverb

Just a short boat ride from the main island of Tahiti is “The Magical Island” of Moorea. Volcanic ridges reach out into the sea like emerald fingers, and pastel-colored houses are tucked in amongst a veil of tropical hibiscus and bird of paradise plants. Adorned with spectacular waterfalls, the mountains of Moorea are easily accessible. Don’t forget to stop by the Moorea Dolphin Center to meet and swim with these friendly fellows. Afterwards, you can visit the Fruit Juice Factory to sample mouth-watering juices and liquors made from Tahitian fruits.

Known as “The Romantic Island,” Bora Bora is a popular destination for weddings, honeymoons or a peaceful getaway with your special someone. The center of the island is dominated by the towering peaks of Mt. Otemanu. Encircled by a coral reef, Bora Bora is surrounded by a tropical lagoon featuring dozens of soft white-sand beaches gently lapped by neon-lit turquoise water. An abundance of colorful aquatic life can easily be admired here by glass-bottom boat. In addition, you will find a variety of fine restaurants, many featuring live Polynesian shows. Bora Bora’s magical sunsets have to be seen to be believed.

These two beautiful hibiscus-adorned islands, referred to as “The Garden of Eden,” huddle together inside their own crystal-clear lagoon, and are connected by a sand-spit at low tide. Their untamed landscape of lush tropical forests is dotted with eight small villages virtually untouched by the hustle and bustle of modern living. Visitors are warmly welcomed, with the rare opportunity to take a glimpse into traditional Polynesian life. Enjoy fresh melons straight from the ground, bananas picked right from their trees, and savor the smell and taste of vanilla in its purest form, before it ships off for sale around the world.

Isolated and untouched, these are known as “The Mysterious Islands.” Lush forests conceal ancient sacred sites, cascading waterfalls plunge 1,000 feet down sheer cliffs, and soaring mountain spires pierce the clouds. The people have a unique dialect and a proud heritage you can learn about at the Cultural Center, open only since 2003. These islands are a spiritual wonderland. Take an archaeological discovery safari deep into the island’s interior to reveal stone tiki statues, temples and ceremonial sites. The Marquesans are renowned for their generations-old craft of carving intricate pieces from precious native woods – handmade, one-of-a-kind souvenirs that can be found only in this remote Pacific hideaway.